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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sikhpal - Cool Sikh online website

Recently I have stumbled upon cool Sikh website. For a long time I was looking for something like Sikh Stumbleupon or Facebook or Bebo social network website and I found it -

"Founded in 2003, is an online community that connects young, educated, professional Sikhs through networks of friends. An ideal way to meet Sikhs is through people you already know. Put your social network to work!" by
At the moment they have 563 members which is not a big amount but it's a start and I wish them luck.They have different groups, discussions and forums. Perfect start! Founded in 2003, by Ash Singh website is the largest networking website for Sikhs. Sikhpal is a spiritual, social, and business networking site, meant to connect Sikhs of all ages and of all nationalities.
If you are looking 100% Sikh online community website,visit SIKHPAL. I don't advertise them, I genuinely think it's a great sikhi website for everyone. I have met cool people there, made some friends and I have discovered nice photos and laughed at funny videos. You are welcome to become my friend, just look for Desilegend.


antonia said...

Hi from aad0002 at Sikh Philosophy Forum SPN

Anonymous said...

I found another great website which has a lot on sikhism .Its a must check if you are liking for books on sikh history , sikh philosphy , sikh religion , sikhism , gurbaani , gutkas , chaur sahib , rumale, kirpans and what not !

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