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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Travelling to Amritsar, Punjab first time?

Travelling to Amritsar, Punjab first time? Read here about my favourite places in Amritsar and things to do in the Holy City. Visit

Friday, November 21, 2008

Paramjeet Kaur is the next Shobna Singh

Oil canvas (picture taken from Mighty Sikhnet)

I have to tell you what I have discovered lately !!! I think and hope Paramjeet Kaur is the next modern Shobna Singh. I'm so impressed with the selection of the colours and her brush stroke. I think she will make many Sikhs proud. Please visit Paramjeet's art gallery at Yessy.

I was lucky enough to get an answer from Paramjeet. Here is what she says:

"I see world as a temporary phase and illusion. My eyes are focused on a dimension which is not tied to time, rule or place. Love to have freedom of thoughts.. "

Who is your biggest inspiration?

Courage and happy heart inspires me to develop within myself.

My Dad Sr. Kuldeep Singh Ji (who is an amazing poet, lyricist,who holds in depth keen knowledge about Sikh history) and our Great Sikh culture with bright and colorful spirit are my Inspirations. Love for our Gurus and their messages too keep me going which helps me to stroke that on canvas with colors and style.

How many paintings have you sold?

I have sold more then 18 paintings in three shows,one buyer would buy 5-6 paintings at a time.

Do you just paint one-off paintings or you do duplicates of them?

In reality believe me Gurugobind Singhji's painting was my very first portrait i ever made, yes i was trying to copy our great Sobha singhji's work . I literally prayed, took gurus blessing and just gave a start and I was happy when it turnout to be at least good. Gurus paintings are the only paintings which I copied rest all are my own. As per my knowledge my friends, relatives, family members are elated with the path I am going on.

What is the reaction of Sikh/non-Sikh community about your art?

Non sikhs, American, Pakistanis they all are my buyers . Yes when ever i have local show with the community,people do see you with one eye that speaks of art.

I would like to wish Paramjeet good luck and inspiration. I really like her paintings and even thinking of may be getting one for myself... Who knows?

By the way if you are are lover of Sikh art, I personally want to recommend one book. It's called New Insights into Sikh Art. It's a beautiful book which gives insight to Sikh art. Thanks to the lovely book salesman who sold me this book near Golden temple. It's a good addition to my library. Recommended!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Don't miss Sikhnet Film Festival

This year I have missed the Sikhnet film festival. My bad. The festival itself was designed to encourage and inspire our youth to get involved in media and film and use their creativity to produce interesting and educational pieces designed to spread the spirit of Sikhi but you can watch it right now by clicking here. Spare few minutes and watch inspiring movies created by Sikh Youth.

Friday, August 15, 2008

First turbaned woman sikh makes us proud by becoming USA pilot

Featuring Arpinder Kaur: Piloting a Life by Raj Singh (Age 17)

Arpinder Kaur became first turbaned woman pilot in the USA history.

“Two of the reasons I did this were: first, my love of flying and, second, to
set a precedent for the community so they know you can be in your Sikh
appearance and do anything out there; so that my younger brothers and sisters
[the rising generation] will pursue their passions while practicing their Sikh

Desi Legend blog would like to thank Arpinder Kaur for making every Sikh proud! Simply awesome news! Great to have an amritdhari female pilot. It is indeed very inspirational news. She is a great role model for many Sikhs!

To read full story go here:

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sarika Singh wins case to wear kara to school

I just switched on BBC news. Finally Sarika Singh wins case to wear kara to school. I'm happy to see and hear news like that. Poor girl was excluded from school in November last year and only now this case is finished. Congratulations to Sarika and everyone who helped her.

News by BBC NEWS

"A Sikh teenager has won her High Court discrimination claim against her school which excluded her for breaking its "no jewellery" rule. Sarika Singh, 14, from Cwmbach, south Wales was excluded in November 2007 from Aberdare Girls School for refusing to take off a religious bangle. The school claimed its no jewellery policy was fair to all.

A High Court judge in London ruled on the controversial matter after reserving judgement last month. Sarika says the Kara bangle - a slim steel bracelet - is important to her as it is a symbol of her Sikh faith. As a result of the judgment, Sarika is allowed to return to Aberdare Girls School in September, wearing the Kara. Her lawyers had told Mr Justice Stephen Silber that the Kara was as important to her as it was to England spin bowler Monty Panesar, who has been pictured wearing the bangle.

I'm so happy to know that no-one else will go through what me and my
family have gone through.
The judge declared the school was guilty of indirect discrimination under race relations and equality laws. After the judgement, Sarika said: "I am overwhelmed by the outcome and it's marvellous to know that the long journey I've been on has finally come to an end.
"I'm so happy to know that no-one else will go through what me and my family have gone through and no other pupil will ever get banned from wearing their Kara again. "I just want to say that I am a proud Welsh and Punjabi Sikh girl."

Sarika's mother, Sinita, 38, added: "We are over the moon. It is just such a relief."
Her father Satnam Singh, read a statement: "We are very pleased with the outcome of the case but we are extremely disappointed the we had to come to the High court in the order to give our daughter the right to wear the Kara in school." Mr Justice Silber said he had been told the Kara bangle was regarded as vital to the Sikh religion. It denoted the "God's infinity" he said and was effectively a "handcuff to God."

The judge rejected claims by the school that the bangle, which he said was less obtrusive than some watches, could be seen as a "symbol of affluence." He said many watches which were allowed at the school were more expensive than than the simple plain steel Kara.

The school banned Sarika Singh from wearing the Kara. He commented: "In this case there is very clear evidence it was not a piece of jewellery but to Sarika was, and remains, one of the defining focal symbols of being a Sikh."

He said his decision had already been made known to the school authorities who had agreed to Sarika returning at the start of the next term in September when she will begin preparing for her GCSEs. The judge also refused the school permission to appeal, although it can still seek permission from the Court of Appeal. Liberty which backed Sarika, argued the school had breached race relations, equality and human rights laws

They said it also contravened a 25-year-old Law Lords' decision which allows Sikh children to wear items representing their faith, including turbans, to school.

Anna Fairclough, the Singh family's solicitor said: "It's a shame that each generation has to fight the same battles. This battle was already fought 25 years ago and Sarika shouldn't have had to go through that again. "Our great British traditions of religious tolerance and race equality have been rightly upheld today."

A spokesperson from Rhondda Cynon Taf council said it had been informed of the High Court's judgement in the case and it would "be working with the school's governing body to ensure Sarika Singh's continued education."

To see Sarika's video click here. If you want to read more go to

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sing is Kinng movie is coming soon!

Courtesy of Indian Films and Blockbuster Movie Entertainers

Everyone is eagerly awaiting for the new movie SINGH IS KINNG. Movie Singh Is Kinng revolves around a gang of crooks transformed by a good man and his selfless love for a pretty girl… Main role Akshay Kumar. I wonder is it going to be good or another flop?

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Saturday, July 19, 2008

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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Modern Punjabi Robin Hoods

Few days ago I got a link from my friend about modern day Robin Hoods. Have a look!

"Song of the road: Trafficking drugs to build villages.

Meet the modern day Robin Hoods – three young men from a village in Punjab – who robbed Uncle Sam to pay Peters of two villages near Jagraon lead a better life. A large part of their profits came from cocaine trafficking in Canada and the US, running into some crores of rupees, which were used to construct roads, improve civic amenities and marrying off the poor.
Drug busters in USA may describe them as “close to the top ranks” of a drug running organisation in US and Canada, but for the beneficiaries of their largesse, the villagers, they are nothing less than ‘faristey’ (angels).

Officials from the Bakersfiled Drug Enforcement Wing arrested them yesterday for drug running. Harjeet Mann (39) of Gureh village, Jasdev Singh (33), and Sukhraj Dhaliwal (38) of Cheemna village near Jagraon, were in possession of 180 kg of cocaine and US $845,000 in cash when undercover agents of Kern County Sherrif’s department nabbed them.

Shock and disbelief was the reaction of the villagers who only remember their large donations for religious causes, building roads and civic amenities. “Ever since the trio settled in the US, they have been donating generously and selflessly and always chose to be secret donors,” said Amrjit Singh, former sarpanch of village Cheema.

Son of religious singer (granthi) in village Gurdwara, Sukhraj migrated to USA some 12 years ago, while his friend Harjit Singh left Punjab in the early nineties and became an owner of a fleet of 24-7 Truck Wash. Later, the trio joined hands to operate their transport business and started transporting drugs from US and Canada by “concealing” them in various parts of vehicles, said police officials.

The locals said whenever Sukhraj visited his village he preferred to keep a low profile and restrained from attending public functions except the sports tournaments for which he used to donate money. Surinder Singh Darshi, another villager, said that Sukhraj and Harjeet refused to even sit on stage and watched the tournament from public gallery only. Recalling several instances wherein the duo had arranged money for marriages of poor couples and paid school fee of needy children, the locals said most of the philanthropy they practiced was as ‘anonymous” donors.

Meanwhile, the Jagraon police said the trio had a “clean” record with no criminal background. “Though they belong to respectable families and have no links with criminals or drug traffickers, we have formed a team to probe such links, if any, here in Punjab”, Deputy Superintendent of Police (detective) Satnam Singh told HT."

Article from 2007 Hindustan Times

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Pig's head on Sikh memorial. Disgrace

You probably heard the news already but I can't believe that somebody could put pig's head on Sikh memorial. Disgrace! What kind of people they are? It's so sad that in 21st century things like this happen. The monument in Coventry commemorates Sikh soldiers who died in fig thing in British Army. Terrible thank-you gift! Unhuman. You could see those who did it, are not educated at all. Probably in their mind all Sikhs are Osamas. What you think?

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ebay comes to Punjab

EBay opens a Punjab outlet

Good news for Punjab by Vijay C Roy from

"Although Punjab contributes only 2 per cent of the 2 million registered users with eBay India (India's leading online market place), products manufactured in Punjab like sporting goods, apparel, handicrafts, ethnic wear are getting a global footprint through eBay India.
According to the eBay data, every 20 minutes an item is sold internationally from Punjab. Amritsar and Ludhiana are the top ones for export followed by cities such as Mohali, Jalandhar, Khanna and Chandigarh.

Speaking to Business Standard, eBay India head (global trade) Amarjit Batra said, "There has been a significant increase in sellers from non-metro cities selling globally through eBay India. Sellers from cities such as Shillong, Bakrol, Khanna and Khamria are successfully trading with countries across the world."

According to eBay, Punjab has sold over 7,500 sporting goods and 8,000 pieces of apparel to global buyers.

He said to increase the penetration, eBay presented an opportunity for entrepreneurs in Punjab to set up an eCommerce store and sell products to millions of eBay buyers worldwide. Global trade on eBay India is seeing significant traction with as many as 8,100 entrepreneurial sellers having benefited from this opportunity.

"We are offering a three-month free dedicated eCommerce store to all new entrepreneurs from Punjab who sign up in June 2008," he said.

Products from Punjab like sporting goods (chess boards, cricket bats, balls, gloves and saddles) and apparel (salwar kameez, lehengas and kurtis), handicrafts, and artisan products are in great demand in overseas markets."

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Signature in the final of Britain's got talent. Good job to Suleman Mirza & Madhu Singh

If you want to catch up with what happened in the final of Britain's got Talent, you are in the right place.

Good job to Suleman Mirza & Madhu Singh who won 2nd place in Britain's got talent.

This year was amazing and had many talented people like George Sampson, choir boy, Flava or Nemesis...

Monday, May 26, 2008

Suleman Mirza and Madhu Singh are in the final of Britain's got talent.

Today was the first day of semi final of Britain's got Talent. Congratulations to Signature!

They are in the final with their Michael Jackson's thriller. Suleman Mirza and Madhu are two ordinary guys who woved the millions of people. They are the representation of Asians in a very good way. I'm thrilled two see SIKH face on TV.

Signature to win!


Thursday, May 15, 2008

Attention new blog - Gora Sikh blog

Recently I had many people coming to my DESI LEGEND blog with search word GORA, WHITE SIKH, BLACK SIKH, CONVERTING TO SIKHISM. If you are one of them or you would not mind reading about people becoming sikhs or exploring Sikhi go to

GORA SIKH BLOG is about people who became or becoming sikhs by choice, about exploration of sikh culture & sikh soul, about mixed marriage & anything else you want. Inspirational stories, photos, videos & many more. Do you know anyone? What's your view on people converting or learning about Sikhism? Do you have any friends who are interested in exploring Sikhi way of life?

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Punjab Kings 11

For all fans of Kings XI Punjab! Great video presentation of this team and India! Amazing video!

As a fan of this cricket team, I designed a t-shirt Punjab Kings 11. Kings 11 rock! Press here to get one!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bogus marriages in Dublin. Pakistani marrying Latvian girls

I was appalled to read this type of news. Why? A little bit about myself. I'm Latvian girl from Dublin.

Whose image is ruined?
Firstly, good image of India will be affected & it will give a chance to people to bad-mouth Indians unfairly and to be more suspicious on custom controls... Why they didn't write "Pakistani man" need help?

Secondly, those stupid Latvian girls who wanted easy money will definitely suffer. Thanks to them, now all Latvian girls will have "good name" in Ireland. There are not so many Latvians in Ireland... and many people know nothing about us... Not the best image I would want for Latvia.

Read here full article €10,000 bogus marriage offer for Latvian girls by Jim Cusack from Irish Independent.

"POOR, young Latvian women are being lured to Ireland with promises of up to €10,000 to "marry" illegal immigrants here, men mainly from Pakistan, most of whom are believed to have wives back in their home countries.
Adverts have been placed in Latvia and, it is believed other Baltic states, seeking women to come to Ireland to marry illegal immigrants over the past two years.
One advert in Latvia stated: "Young unmarried women wanted. Women who would agree to help Indian guys in Dublin with registering marriage on paper (fictitious marriage, popular in Dublin nowadays).
"Everything will be covered, plus you get €1,000, plus room rent covered, plus work offered, plus pocket money, plus course (professional, language) plus other benefits. Also plane ticket costs will be covered. All this is legal!."
Although the advert claimed that "Indian" men were involved, investigations into such marriages by the Garda National Bureau of Investigation (GNIB) found that those involved are all from Pakistan.
A journalist from Latvian newspaper Diena who posed as a possible bride, replied by email to the advert and received a reply stating: "When arriving in Ireland this marriage is not registered right away but only after 3-6 months not earlier, because in Ireland all 'paper formalities' take very long time and after you have submitted an application you must wait for another 3-6 months until that marriage.
"A fictitious marriage is registered, it is a marriage on paper. With this the Indian guy may stay in the territory of Ireland legally because he has registered his marriage with EU citizen. This allows him to stay in Ireland permanently.
"It does not cost anything for the person who is helping, also stamps are not put in passports any more, passport stays clean. Then this marriage is registered in local Irish computer, not in Latvian register. Marriage agreement/ contract is signed and cancelled after a year. No obligations from both sides. This is just a formality. And it is legal process. At present it is a rather popular thing in Ireland (also in other countries eg England, Switzerland and others." the reply said.
"Living conditions are the following -- living in apartments that are shared with other workers. Salary is around €1,500 to €2,000 per month, besides all money stays in your pocket as you do not have to pay for anything (unlike other workers who spend about half of their salary on room, rent, transport etc)," the replying email stated. Last year GNIB found that 500 of 3,000 applications by non-Irish married couples to live here were from failed asylum seekers and that a significant number of others involved arranged marriages with young women from the Baltic states who had replied to the adverts. Gardai also found that 400 of the applications to reside in Ireland based on marriage to an EU citizen were from Pakistanis.
The Department of Justice's Immigration department last year refused 279 of these applicants leave to remain here despite their claims of rights of residence because of marriage to an EU citizen. Immigration "rights" groups last year criticised the Department's decision to refuse leave to some of these men to remain here.
The Latvian authorities are apparently amazed at Ireland's lax controls over arranged or bogus marriages.
Last month, Latvian police said that they have been informed by the garda that such "marriages" are "not a crime" in Ireland.
The Head of the State Police Organised Crime Enforcement Department, Arturs Vaisla, told the Diena newspaper: "There are countries that treat such cases irresponsibly. If it had happened here we could have put them in prison."

Monday, May 12, 2008

Sikh bloggers on web

When I started my blog, I did know nothing how to blog. I googled "sikh blogs" and here you can see my friends Sikhi bloggers. We all write about different aspects of life..someone blogs about religion, politics, culture, art ... I'm sure you will find something for your taste.

  1. My first encounter was Finding a wife blog by Harry Singh. Read's worth your time. Blog by a Sikh guy, sharing his experiences as a Turban wearing young man in the United States, looking to get married. A witty, sometimes shallow, but mostly honest tale in which the author of the blog, tries to bring forth the dilemna faced by the Keshdhari young sikh men in contemporary times. The author starts debates related to the "Only Clean Shaven Men Required" - which are arguably well countered in the comments section of the blog, by its mostly women readers!
  2. Personal blog by Harsimrat Kaur from United Kingdom.
  3. Thoughts, quotes by sikh desirous to learn.
  4. Reflection on life and Sikhi by 5 different contributors.
  5. A blog about Sikhi in eyes of westerner who adopted the Sikh faith over 4 years ago.
  6. drawings by Akali Singh.
  7. Who are Sikh- blog by Navjeet from Chandigarh, India whose objective is to educate online readers about Sikhism and who Sikhs are?
  8. PLUS MY OTHER BLOG - GORA SIKH -Blog about people who became or becoming sikhs by choice, about exploration of sikh culture & sikh soul, about mixed marriage & anything else you want. Inspirational stories, photos, videos & many more.

If you have created a blog or know of someone else who has Sikhi blog, feel free to add to my list. Leave few sentences about the the blog. Do you know someone?

Drawing by Akali Singh - Do you want to adopt Rabbit Singh doll?

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Amritsar - Home to the Golden Temple, Punjab, India

Amritsar - Home to the Golden Temple, Punjab, India

Here you can find 2 articles on things to do in Amritsar. First one is my travel notes and second is by Amritsar Travel

1. Travelling to Amritsar, Punjab first time? Read here about my favourite places in Amritsar and things to do in the Holy City. Visit

2. Amritsar, home to the Golden Temple is one of the most ancient and fascinating cities of India. It is now a gateway to North India with Amritsar Flights from Birmingham and London on Jet Airways Flights, Turkmenistan Flights and Air India.

It is an important seat of Sikh history and culture. Being the gateway for travellers coming to India on the overland route from central Asia it soon became the centre of various commercial activities. There are various historical and religious sites - see Amritsar City Map. The most famous of them all in the Golden Temple which was founded by the fourth Guru of Sikhs, Guru Ramdas and completed by his successor Guru Arjan Dev.

Jallian Wala Bagh-
Amritsar Massacre: This place noted for its most notorious massacre under British rule. It is 400 meters north of the Golden Temple. The British General Dyer was the Lieutenant Governor of the province in 1919. He banned all meetings and demonstrations led by Indians against the economical set back by World War I. On 13 April 1919, pilgrims poured into Amritsar to celebrate the Baisakhi festival, a holiday in the Sikh calendar. In the afternoon thousands of people gathered at Jallian Wala Bagh to celebrate the Baisakhi. This ground surrounded by high walls on all sides has only a narrow alley for access. General Dyer personally led the troops to the sight and ordered his men to open fire without any warning. It resulted in the death of 379 and injured more than 1200. India was outraged by Dyer´s massacre. Gandhiji, called for a nation wide strike and started the Non-cooperation Movement, which became an important mile stone in the struggle for India´s Independence. Today this ground has been changed to a park and it has a pleasant garden. There is a narrow path between the houses which leads to the lawn of the park. At the entrance there is a memorial plaque which recounts the history. There is a well on the north side in which many people who tried to escape from the bullets were drowned, and remnants of walls have been preserved to show the bullet holes. At the east end of the garden there is a large memorial built in memory of those who died here.

Ram Bagh
This beautiful garden is named as a tribute to Guru Ram Das, the founder of the city. It is situated in the new part of town and has a museum in the summer palace built by the Sikh Maharaja Ranjit Singh (1780-1839) the Lion of Punjab. The museum contains weapons dating back to Mughal times and some portraits of the ruling houses of the Punjab and a replica of the diamond ´Kohinoor´. To commemorate the memory of his valour Ram Bagh has a lively statue of Maharaja Ranjit Singh saddled on a horse. It is closed on Wednesdays.

Summer place of Maharaja Ranjit Singh : Is situated in the middle of a beautiful garden called Ram bagh. This garden is laid out on the pattern of Shalimar Bagh at Lahore. Only its architecturally unique ´darshani deorhi´ has remained intact. A museum after the name of the Maharaja is set up here displaying oil paintings, miniatures, coins, abd weapons relating to the Sikh period.

Other Tourist Attractions

Mosque at Fatehabad : Situated at a distance of 40 kms, the walls of this mosque are decorated with beautiful floral motifs.

Khalsa College & Guru Nanak Dev University : Khalsa College was founded in 1892 and built on grand scale in typical Sikh architecture, its distinguished alumni; sportsmen, servicemen, administrators, professionals, fill up India´s compilations of Who´s Who. On a part of its land a new University called Guru Nanak Dev University was established. Soon it has become distinguished for starting modern curricula and has etched its name on the sports map of India.

Tarn Taran : 24 kilometres south, is Tarn-Taran-a town founded by Sri Guru Arjan Dev in 1590. The Gurdwara got constructed by the Guru stands on the side of a large tank. Fairs are held here on every ´Amavas´ dark night of the month, birth anniversaries of the Gurus, Baisakhi and Diwali.

Goindwal : A few kilometers away from Tarn Taran is the town of Goindwal, where Guru Amar Das established a new centre for preaching Sikhism. A ´Baoli´, well paved with 84 steps was constructed here. The devout believe that by reciting Japji Sahib, the divine ´Word´ revealed to Guru Nanak Dev Ji at each step after taking a bath in the Baoli provides ´Moksh´, liberation from 84,000 cycles of life of this world.

Khadur Sahib : Khadur Sahib is 32 kms. south-east of the city and close to Goindwal. During the life of the second Sikh Prophet, Guru Angad Dev, it was the centre of Sikhism.

Ram Tirath : 16 Kilometres west on Choganwan road is Ram Tirath, commemorating Maharishi Balmik Ji´s heritage.

A big fair now recognised nationally and lasting for four days is held here since times immemorial on every Kartika Puran-mashi (full moon night in November).

Harike Wetland : The lake formed at the point of confluence of rivers Beas and Sutlej at Harika ford, situated mid way between Amritsar and Ferozepur was declared a national wildlife sanctuary in 1982. It is a welcome winter home to about 350 odd species of birds from far flung lands of China, Siberia, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Baba Bakala : Situated about 45 kilometers east on the Batala road. Sri Guru Tegh Bahadurji, revealed himself to Makhan Shah Labana, a Sikh devotee here. It has a magnificent Gurdwara where people gather in thousands on every amavas (moonless night) and an annual fair is held on Raksha Bandhan day (night of full moon in August) when about one hundred thousand people visit the place.

Dera Baba Jaimal Singh : About 54 kilometres east is Dera Baba Jaimal Singh, the Radhaswami, self-sufficient colony near Beas. It is presided over by a living Master.

Durgiana Temple
Durgiana Temple : Situated outside the Lohgarh Gate it is built after the design of the Golden Temple and attracts sages and scholars in Hindu scriptures from all over India.

Wagha Border : The international border between India and Pakistan. The pomp and pageantry of the Beating Retreat and the Change of Guard within handshaking distance of the Indian and Pakistani forces makes for a most charming spectacle.

There are a number of cotton, woollen and art silk textile factories besides other industries dealing with electric goods, sewing machines, auto parts, carpets. The milk processing plant at Verka about 6 kms from the center is the second biggest project of its kind in the country. Amritsar is India´s leading exporter of goods to the Middle-East, leading distribution centre of dry fruits, tea and condiments. It is also a shopper´s paradise and a gourmet´s delight. Amritsar is the world´s leading centre of Punjabi publications.

Article Source:

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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Britain's got not only talent but bhangra talent

Picture from

I was happy to hear bhnagra beats on Britain's got talent. It's time for bhangra beats.... I was wondering who is this Sikh guy? In this Britain's got talent (episode 3) they paid attention only to Suleman Mirza but not to dancing Sikh.

I wanted to know his name... his name is Madhu Singh. Good job! Good moves. Bhangra rules!
They have been brilliant this time ...I'm dying to see what they going to do next time?

Monday, April 28, 2008

Britain's got talent - Suleman Mirza and dancing Sikh

Britain has got talent - Suleman Mirza and dancing Sikh.

You have to see it! Britain's got talent. For those who don't know its a talent programme for anyone who can perform and entertain. This time its a mixture of Michael Jackson and bhangra. I love it! It made my day!

They are incredible duo! This act rocks! They crowd definitely loved it! Hilarious! Brilliant!
All judges liked it!

I hope they will surpise us more in next round! The guy who dances as Michael Jackson is Suleman Mirza. His You Tube page is but who is this another guy? Does anyone know him?

New Sikh school in France

New Sikh school in France.

As you know, France banned Sikhs to wear turban in public places (offices or schools). Congratulations to creators of this school. They opened first new Sikh school in France, Paris. The foundation of “Guru Tegh Bahadur Public School” was laid on February 19. This school will be opened to all communities.

Emma Jane Kirby BBC News writes "A Sikh school is opening its doors in a Paris suburb for the first time on Saturday in the wake of tougher French laws on religious dress. The special school in Bobigny was set up after secularisation laws in 2004 prevented Sikh boys from wearing their traditional turbans in class. Several boys dropped out of mainstream education in protest.

The Sikh school was built by a local entrepreneur whose son was excluded from a public school three years ago. The boy had refused to remove his turban in class. The French laws ban the wearing of prominent religious symbols such as Muslim headscarves or Sikh turbans in public places like offices or schools. The Sikh school will start with fewer than 15 pupils but it is hoped that a Sikh college will open later in the year to allow older boys to take business qualifications.
Although the school will celebrate its inauguration over the weekend, it is unlikely to begin classes on Monday because it is still waiting for a final approval from the local education authority. " News from BBC

Again good job to school! Hopefully it will give a better chance to Sikh kids to be who they are without loosing identity and getting proper education.

Read another article about France and Sikhs.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Are you against mixed Sikh marriages? News from Birmingham - arson attack

Arson attack at home of Sikh temple leader
Jun 18 2007 By Shahid Naqvi, Birmingham Post

"The head of a Birmingham Sikh temple and his family had to flee their home after
it was targeted by arsonists in what is believed to have been been a reprisal
attack for allowing a mixed marriage

Three cars were set ablaze outside the Handsworth Wood home of Jarnail Singh Bhogal, president of the Ramgharia Sikh Gurdwara in Graham Street, Hockley. The attack in the early hours of yesterday comes in the wake of protests against the marriage, the details of which were posted on an online Sikh forum naming the temple leaders.

The website referred to a marriage between a Sikh woman and a man of another religion and called on Sikhs to protest outside the Gurdwara yesterday against "this disgraceful act".

It also demanded the resignation of Mr Bhogal and warns Gurdwara leaders there will be consequences if they allow mixed marriages.

According to the Gurdwara temple, however, the man involved in the marriage converted to Sikhism before the ceremony. Cars parked in the driveway of Mr Bhogal's house on Vernon Avenue were fire-bombed at about 3.30am yesterday.

Mr Bhogal said: "I woke up and there was a big bang and an orange light or flash. I opened the curtains and saw my three cars on fire so I asked the kids and my wife to get out and go in the garden and called the fire brigade."

A spokesman for the Ramgarhia Sikh Temple said: "The girl was a Sikh and the boy voluntarily changed his name to a Sikh name and promised to adopt the values of Sikhism.

"Committee members were incorrectly targeted based on vicious rumours which led to the horrific incident where three cars were burnt."The attack is the latest in a series of controversies which have hit the city's Sikh community. Last month more than 100 Sikhs protested outside the Indian Consulate in Birmingham against a cult leader publishing "anti-Sikh propaganda".

In a separate incident, a 44-year-old was stabbed during the Sikh Vaisakhi celebrations in Birmingham in April. Four men have already been charged with attempted murder over the incident."

Personally I cant' believe that something like this might happen. Sikhism is the most open-minded religion... (that's what I thought)...I've been married in the simple gurdwara in Amritsar and no one opposed to gora being married in the Holy city ...people were happy... So why thing like this are happening? What's your opinion?Is it racists? Inhumane?Is it forbidden to marry out of religion? Someone decided to become it bad? There are many white and black Sikhs in the world who follow Sikh way of life better than some real Sikh who were born into Sikhi, who cut their hair, forget their identities...

Look at this link about white Sikhs: or

If you are interested in this topic please click here to read opposite opinion on forum

News from The Birmingham Post

Friday, April 25, 2008

Jatt.History of Jatt surnames.

Who is Jatt? Is it caste or ethnic tribe? What is your answer to this question? Trying to discover the history of Jatt surname.

The Jat people are an ethnic group of people native to mainly the Punjab region of Northern India and Pakistan that have attributes of an etnic group, tribe and people.

The Jat people are considered by some to be the merged descendants of the original Indo-Aryans and a later addition of Indo-Scythian tribes of the region, merging to form the Jat people.
Others conclude a native Indo-Aryan lineage on the basis of ethnological, physical and linguistic standards. The Jat people of India and Pakistan are not to be confused with the peripatetic Jats of Afganistan, who are a distinct ethnic group.

The Jat people have a discrete and distinct cultural history that can be historically traced back to ancient times. (Courtesy of wikipedia)

I've found this amazing book online - Glossary of the tribes and castes of the Punjab and North -West provinces , compiled by H A Rose. To read few paragraphs from this book click here.

"This is a must read for people of Punjab and belonging to Jats, Rajputs,
Gujjars, Arain and a host of minor tribes."

Here as well few links to the world of Jatt:

Take a peak at DESI LEGEND JATT SECTION for jatt hoodies, tees and sweatshirts.
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Monday, April 21, 2008

About Sikh movie Dream in Doubt. 9/11 Hate crime movie

Dream in Doubt movie by Tami Yeager (Director/Producer) and Preetmohan Singh.

One of America’s first post-9/11 hate crime murders punctuates a growing wave of violence in retaliation for the terror attacks.

When his brother is murdered, Rana Singh Sodhi finds himself coping with national tragedy and murder, finding support in community and attempting to reclaim the American dream.

A DREAM IN DOUBT follows Rana Singh Sodhi, Balbir’s brother, as he attempts to fight the hate threatening his family and community. The Sodhis had fled ethnic violence in India to pursue their version of the American dream. But less than a year after Balbir’s murder, Sukhpal Sodhi, Rana’s next-eldest brother, is killed in mysterious circumstances while driving a cab in San Francisco. Nine months later, Rana’s friend Avtar Chiera is shot by three men who yell, “Go back to where you came from!” Three weeks after Avtar’s shooting, another friend, Inderjit Singh, is physically assaulted and threatened with death while working at a convenience store. These incidents receive little to no coverage in the U.S. media, and a national dialogue concerning post-9/11 hate crimes and ethnic profiling is sorely missing.
Wanting justice for his brothers’ murders, Rana is motivated towards social action. He demands that America live up to its ideals of freedom, equality and justice for all. Or is it justice for some? To guard his own school-aged children from bullying and harassment, Rana and his wife visit their children’s school to answer questions about Sikhs. Rana educates Phoenix-area residents and meets with local Sikh Americans to discuss the increase in hate crimes. But with each new case of violence that targets his community, he is forced to question just how much he should suffer.
While the attackers in these crimes view themselves as proud defenders of America, Rana insists that their actions contradict the core values of his adopted homeland. In A DREAM IN DOUBT, he challenges his fellow citizens to think deeply about individual responsibility in the face of bigotry and what it means to be a true patriot.

All information taken from Independent Lens website.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

India gate in Vancouver, Canada

India gate in Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver is planning to have their own India Gate. The reason behind building this gate is to celebrate more than 100 years of Indo-Canadians in this country.The gate will be built in the city's Punjabi Market at 50th Avenue & Main Street at a price of 3 million dollars.The Punjabi Market or you can call it Little India is famous for Indian sweets and merchandise shops.
It is a very big tourist attraction in Vancouver, like Chinatown in Downtown Vancouver. With over 160,000 South Asians, mostly Sikh Punjabi Indians, Little India caters to all these people, and more.
Personally I love the architecture and I think this design represents more Sikh culture and architecture and they (whoever chose the name) should choose different name for this gate. Look at the picture! Gumbad (dome) is the main crowning feature (usually you can see it on gurdwaras). Even if they don't change the name it will still symbolize Sikh community.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Celebrate Mother's Day 2008 with desi gifts!

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Monday, April 14, 2008

Gordon's Brown Vaisakhi message

14 April 2003. Vaisakhi news from UK.
See what I have stumbled upon...Prime Minister's Vaisakhi message to the Sikh community below.
"I am pleased to send my very best wishes to the British Sikh community for the festival of Vaisakhi.
I know that British Sikhs have made a great contribution to the economic, cultural and political life of the United Kingdom and I firmly believe that your faith and culture have brought tremendous strengths and benefits to our society.
Vaisakhi demonstrates the enduring values of the Sikh community - a belief in equality, social justice, tolerance and respect for other religions and faiths. These are values shared by the wider British community and I am delighted to have this opportunity to send you my best wishes at this special time."

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Who is your legend? Who is the most influential / inspiring Sikh?

Little did I know that it will be so hard to get answers for these simple questions. Being a white sikh (you can call me gora), I'm learning Sikhi not the usual way but with the help of husband, Internet, online newspapers and etc. What should I do is to start reading Punjab history books and I will....

Did you hear about Sonny Caberwal from Kenneth Cole ad? Click here to read more about him. I've read so many good comments about him- NEW FACE OF SIKHS. Many young people are inspired by his success. He is like the coolest sikh guy in USA.

That day I was thinking who are those people who inspire Sikhs/Punjabis? Who are those Sikh legends? So to get some answers for my questions I decided to run poll on Sikhpal and Sikhphilosophy sites plus ask my friends.
Please explain 'Sikh' in 5 words!
Who is the most influential Sikh from the past and present?
Most inspiring Sikh literature you ever read?
Most inspiring Sikh woman/man?
Most inspiring Sikh poet/artist?
Most famous Sikh actor/actress?
Most famous Sikh comedian?
Most famous Sikh political person?
Your hero?
Comment by Gurdeep Singh
Most famous Sikh political person?
Sardar Manmohan Singh - Prime Minister of India.He has changed the economic shape of India.
Comment by Gurdeep
Famous sikh actor:- Sidhu
Famous comedian:- Jaspal Bhatti & Pratabh Faujdhar(laughter challenge)
Famous sikh politician:- Dr. manmohan singh
Comment by Anju Kaur
Please explain 'Sikh' in 5 words: hardworking, spiritual, volunteering, compassionate warrior!
[Although The Ten Sikh Gurus would be answer to many of these questions, I’m including only non-Gurus in my reply]
Most inspiring Sikh woman/man? Man- Bhai Kanhaiya; woman: Mai Bhago/ contemporary: Bhagat Puran Singh ji/Bibi Inderjit Kaur
Most inspiring Sikh poet/artist? poet: past-Bhai Vir Singh; present- Surjit Patar/ artist: past: Sobha Singh/ present artist: “ The Singh Twins”: Amrit and Rabindra Kaur Singh
Most famous Sikh comedian? Gurpreet GhuggiMost famous Sikh political person? Past- Banda Bahadur; present-Manmohan Singh
Comment by Jarnail Singh
Sikh-who am i to explain sikh? guru ji has already explained. you can search shabad "gur satgur ka jo sikh akhaye." you can search bhai gurdas jis vaaran also. "rahini rahe soyi sikh mera.." and all that. To get most of the answer you can repeat "ardaas". sikhs recites name of their heroes everyday in their ardaas. i am not able to add any other name into it. True sikh can not be a good politician as per todays standard politics.
Comments by Shivinder Singh
Who is the most influential Sikh from the past? All 10 Gurus & warriors
Who is the most influential Sikh from the present? Khushwant Singh / Manmohan Singh
Most inspiring Sikh woman? Mata Gujri
Most inspiring Sikh man?Guru Gobind Singh
Most inspiring Sikh book you ever read?Guru Granth Sahib
Most inspiring Sikh poet? Guru Nanak
Most famous Sikh actor/actress?Dharmendra Singh Deol
Most famous Sikh comedian?Bhagwant Mann
Most famous Sikh political person? Maharaja Ranjit Singh
Your hero? Baba Deep Singh
Who is the most influential Sikh figure in world/Punjab history? All 10 Gurus & warriors
Who is the” Sikh”? Who always seeks the Truth
So here you can see all answers. Amazing answers. Thanks to all people who participated in my first ever poll on If you reading it, please leave your comment. I need your opinions. I would appreciate if you mention anyone who comes to you mind!

Monday, April 7, 2008

It's good that Sotheby's cancels the action of Sikh body armour

LONDON APRIL: Sotheby's auction house Monday stopped the auction a body armour after protests from Sikh groups. The 18th century armour, estimated at 10-12,000 pounds. Various Sikh websites were doubting the authenticity of this lot. The authenticity is not proven.
Some Sikh cultural experts claimed it might have belonged to the 10th Sikh Guru, Gobind Singh. The London auctioneers later clarified that it did not belong to Guru Gobind Singh.
Sotheby's has withdrawn the item from the April 9 auction at the request of the seller, who wanted it acquired by a member of the Sikh community.
The protests in India were mainly in the eastern Indian city of Patna - the birthplace of the Guru - and in Amritsar.
Info from BBC and

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Sikh Punjabi names on t-shirts. Let's keep our heritage alive!

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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Rare Sikh relics to be auctioned

Rare Sikh relics to be auctioned at Sotheby's.

Guru's Gobind Singh’s inscribed steel armor plate is going to be auctioned on 9th of April in one of London's most prestigious auction houses, Sotheby's.
The steel plate would originally have been part of a set of body armor known by its Persian name, 'char-aina' (four mirrors) comprising back, front, and two side plates. It is believed that this an identical piece of armor that belongs to the royal family of Patiala in Punjab.
This auction is the most important auction of Sikh heritage. There will be a lot of interest for this Sikh antique.

For more information go to:

Thursday, March 27, 2008

First Sikh

Did you know that 1st Sikh.............was?
  1. The First Sikh Settler in UK was Maharaj Duleep Singh
  2. The First Anglo Sikh War started in 1845 and ended in 1846.
  3. Sikh-Canadian Kashmir Singh Heed has become the Canada's first Sikh to become police chief of West Vancouver, British Columbia ("B.C.") with effect from August 2, 2007.
  4. Baba Banda Singh Bahadur is revered as one of Sikhism's greatest warriors as well as one of its most hallowed martyrs and was the first Sikh king.
  5. To the late Brigadier Dalip Singh goes the credit of being the first Sikh to represent India in the Olympics in 1924.
  6. Baldev Singh was the first Sikh Defence Minister of India.
  7. Giani Zail Singh (May 5 1916 - December 25 1994) was the President of India (1982-1987), and the first Sikh to hold India's highest public office and honour.
  8. The first Sikh Indian prime minister, Singh was sworn in on May 22, 2004. He is a native Punjabi speaker. Manmohan Singh is the 14th and current Prime Minister of India, considered to be the "architect of modern India."

Picture is a courtesy from Wikipedia

For more information on first Sikh clich here.

Friday, March 21, 2008


Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh... Amazing and so truthful words about the Sikh identity. These words are taken from Project Naad website.


Who is a Sikh u ask...
well I am a Sikh!
I am born and brought up in this county.
The turban and unshorn hair are part of the Sikh uniform.
No one believes me.
They think I am part of the Taliban.
They think I am an Arab.
They think I am supporting terrorism.
I keep telling everybody:"No! I am a Sikh!
Sikhs are not part of the Taliban.
Sikhs are not Muslims.
Sikhs are not Arabs."
"Are you part of Islam"people ask?"
Are you an offshoot of Hinduism"others say.
"I have never heard of Sikhs"says another.
I am not a Hindu, nor am I a Muslim.
My body and breath of life belong to Allah to Raam the God of both.
Sikhs are a distinct people.Sikhs are a distinct nation.
Sikhi is a distinct religion of peace, love and equality for whole humanity.
Sikhs worship the One Supreme Truth, the One Ocean ofMercy, the One Creator Lord.
Sikhs do not keep fasts, go to pilgrimages or pray to idols.
Sikhs follow three principles of constantly remembering the Lord,
living and working honestly, and sharing with others.
Racists say"Get the rag off your head!"
Ignorant people say: "Why do wear that hat?"
Misguided Sikhs say,"Turban or no Turban what does it matter.
Sikhs should move with the times and learn to integrate with society."
"I think you are mistaken", I say."My turban is not a hat.
My turban is not a mere piece of cloth.
My turban is a gift which I cannot discard.
"The Khalsa is my distinct image.
Within the Khalsa I reside.
(Guru Gobind Singh Ji)I explain,
"My turban is a crown blessed upon my head by my Father, Guru Gobind Singh Ji."
"My turban is a crown of grace, dignity and honour."
"My turban is a crown which protects my head,
keeps my hair tidy and is the image of my Father."
"Its backward to keep your hair!"says one person.
"What is the point of cutting your nails and keeping your hair"says the cunning person.
"There is no significance in today's world of unshorn hair,"says the Sikh who has been led astray.
The Naam, the Power of the Lord's Name, is the Innern knower of my heart.
The Naam is so useful to me.
The Lord's Name permeates each and every hair of mine.
The Perfect True Guru has given me this gift.
Defending my identity and religion I say:"You are mistaken dear friend".
"My hair is not useless.
My hair is a gift, a tool, and a technology bestowed upon by body by the Creator Lord.
Each and every hair on my body has a practical and spiritual function.
Each and every hair on my body is like electric wires, which vibrate and pick up spiritual energy. Each and every hair on my body vibrates the energy, the power and spiritual force of meditating on the Lord.
The hair on top of my head protects my skull and brain.
The hair above my eyes prevents sweat and water going into my eyes.
The hair on my body insulates my body, keeping me warm in the cold, and cool in the heat.
The hair under my armpits prevents friction and irritation when moving my arms.
My nails are dead material, which are cut to be hygienic, or they would snap off by themselves gradually.
My nails are cut to be clean and tidy, and my hair is combed twice daily to remove deadhair to be tidy.
My nails are not part of the Sikh uniform."I see!
That is amazing" says one person.
"Fair enough, I am sorry"says the cunning person.
"We have beautiful religion, a great gift given to us and we are so lucky to be blessed with such a technology and honour"says the Sikh who was led astray.
Don't hide your faith and identity.
Share it with the world.
Don't be ashamed of who you truly are, walk with your head held high.

Remember brothers and sisters your image is the manifestation of Guru Gobind Singh
Singh Ji & Mata Sahib Kaur.

Hope you enjoyed reading it. Please forward it to your friends, family and non-Sikh friends. CLICK HERE if you wish to buy sikh religious / patriotic t-shirts like 'Deg teg Fateh' , 'Khalsa t-shirt', 'Khanda', 'Singh Power' tees from DESI LEGEND.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sikhpal - Cool Sikh online website

Recently I have stumbled upon cool Sikh website. For a long time I was looking for something like Sikh Stumbleupon or Facebook or Bebo social network website and I found it -

"Founded in 2003, is an online community that connects young, educated, professional Sikhs through networks of friends. An ideal way to meet Sikhs is through people you already know. Put your social network to work!" by
At the moment they have 563 members which is not a big amount but it's a start and I wish them luck.They have different groups, discussions and forums. Perfect start! Founded in 2003, by Ash Singh website is the largest networking website for Sikhs. Sikhpal is a spiritual, social, and business networking site, meant to connect Sikhs of all ages and of all nationalities.
If you are looking 100% Sikh online community website,visit SIKHPAL. I don't advertise them, I genuinely think it's a great sikhi website for everyone. I have met cool people there, made some friends and I have discovered nice photos and laughed at funny videos. You are welcome to become my friend, just look for Desilegend.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Khanda as a sikh symbol

In my Desi Legend t-shirt shop, I have a new design with khanda. It's selection of Khandas with country's flag inserted inside.

Let's say it's American Khanda for sikhs living in America and feeling strongly about their identity as well you will find British Khanda, Canadian Khanda and many more coming.

For every Sikh Khanda is very important symbols of Sikhi. Khanda - it is a collection of four weapons commonly used by Sikhs at the time of Guru Gobinf Ji.
Khanda, Chakkar and 2 kirpans. The Khanda is an important emblem in Sikhism . The Chakar is the circle that indicates that God and eternal life is without end and perfect.
If you have a relative or friend living in one of those countries it might be a great gift.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Guru Nanak Darbar in Dublin, Ireland

Guru Nanak gurdwara in Dublin.

If you are ever in Dublin, Ireland you are always welcome to Guru Nanak Darbar. This gurdwara is taken care by Granthi Singh - Bhai Jasvir Singh, very humble man indeed. I remember the first time I visited it in 2002, it was my first time in gurdwara. That was the time I knew very less about Sikhism but I felt like at home and I knew I will be back.

Now after 6 years it has grown and improved. Every Sunday there is a prayer and langar for everyone. Many people come to pray, socialise and meet friends.

(For those readers, who don't know about Sikhism quick info - Sikhism is the 5th largest religion in the world plus it's the youngest one. Still most people outside India and Asia know very little about who Sikhs are. The Gurdwara is the Sikh place of worship where the Guru Granth Sahib, the Sikh holy book, is kept.

All gurdwaras around the world having a system called langar. Langar is free food like a community kitchen. Anyone regardless of religion, colour skin, cast are welcome to stay for a night free of charge and have free food. If you want to know more please click here.

The address for Dublin gurdwara is:
78 Serpentine Avenue
Phone : +353 (1) 6671558

As well I'm providing you with Irish Sikh contact info:

Irish Sikh Council
Post Box No. 9828, Dublin 2
Republic of Ireland or

Irish Sikh Council (ICS) is "an independent and non-profit making organisation that aims to advocate, campaign and make representations on the concerns and aspirations of the Sikh population, primarily of Republic of Ireland, on matters of education, race equality, spiritual development, community relations and other matters of relevance to the status and development of the Sikhs in Ireland.
Promote good relations and harmony between the Sikhs and other communities in Ireland; and inform and guide Sikhs in Ireland to contribute and participate actively in the life and development of Ireland. Promote responsible ethical and moral values in society.
Irish Sikh Council was established in July 2004. As the number of Sikhs is very small in Ireland, Irish Sikh Council faced a number of issues around organization structure, establishing strong base and arranging funds to set up basic infrastructure needed to run the organization.
As of today Irish Sikh Council has finally come to a position where it has formally started taking initiatives for community projects" (quote taken from

Hopefully I provided you with some information which might help if you are coming to live and work in Dublin or Ireland.


Here we present you desi t-shirt slideshow

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Truth about myself

Dear Readers,

I have decided to tell a little bit more about myself... some people prefer not to be very personal in their "personal" blogs but for me it's quite hard. People who read this blog might think that i'm Sikh from the birth but I'm not...I'm a simple girl from Latvia (how is your geography?). I have discovered Sikhi with the help of my gorgeous Punjabi husband and his family.

I feel that this blog can't metamorphose into good blog without being honest and truthful to itself.

I want to believe that my dear readers will support me and will give me a chance.
I have created this blog to express myself, explore new things in Sikhi and Sikh culture.I feel that I'm a Sikh and I need to know more....

I hope you will enjoy this blog...

Yours truly,

Danka Singh

You are always welcome to DESI LEGEND T-SHIRT shop which was created by my husband and me.

Monday, February 18, 2008

White Sikhs

Have you ever seen them? Interacted with them?
The more I reseached, the more interesting this topic became.
White Sikhs !?! Someone finds it amazing, someone doesn't realise they exist.
Have you ever seen white sikh and what is your view?
There are some white sikhs in America, Europe and Asia. How many? I would not be able to answer but I would like to know.

Visit new blog from GORA SIKH.

White Sikhs - they follow sikhism more a lot of punjabis living abroad, they speak Punjabi fluently and can read Gurmukhi and Guru Granth Sahib and some of them are fully amrit dari. Although Sikhism does not have missionaries and it does not actively seek converts, people are eager to know more about Sikhism.

"Sikhism is a way of life, a universal faith without prejudice towards others, as you've shown with this video. People of all races, cultures can practice this wonderful faith. It doesn't preach, but offers insight into how to live a good life, to be respectful towards others, while leaving open interpretation of our universal creator."- you tube comment about this video.

Sikhism is the most youngest religion in the world and it's not well known in Europe and other parts of the world. More and more people discovering Sikhism in the 21st century.
Does it make you proud that someone chooses/embraces your religion?

If you are interested in this topic you might want to read about about Gurumustuk Singh who runs blog and

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Desi designs on Cafepress

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Places you do not do bhangra

These guys are having a lot of fun, don't they? Cast: Shane Gill and Baljeet Sangh. These are funny guys from Curry Comedy (founded by Davinder Mahal and Arminder Randhawa).

The best part is when they do it in Wall Mart! Happy watching!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

/Your country/ bred confident desi a.k.a. ABCD

Desi Legend presents 5 new designs in ABCD style:

American bred confident desi

British bred confident desi

Canadian bred confident desi

Australian bred confident desi

Irish bred confident desi

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