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Monday, May 26, 2008

Suleman Mirza and Madhu Singh are in the final of Britain's got talent.

Today was the first day of semi final of Britain's got Talent. Congratulations to Signature!

They are in the final with their Michael Jackson's thriller. Suleman Mirza and Madhu are two ordinary guys who woved the millions of people. They are the representation of Asians in a very good way. I'm thrilled two see SIKH face on TV.

Signature to win!


Thursday, May 15, 2008

Attention new blog - Gora Sikh blog

Recently I had many people coming to my DESI LEGEND blog with search word GORA, WHITE SIKH, BLACK SIKH, CONVERTING TO SIKHISM. If you are one of them or you would not mind reading about people becoming sikhs or exploring Sikhi go to

GORA SIKH BLOG is about people who became or becoming sikhs by choice, about exploration of sikh culture & sikh soul, about mixed marriage & anything else you want. Inspirational stories, photos, videos & many more. Do you know anyone? What's your view on people converting or learning about Sikhism? Do you have any friends who are interested in exploring Sikhi way of life?

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Punjab Kings 11

For all fans of Kings XI Punjab! Great video presentation of this team and India! Amazing video!

As a fan of this cricket team, I designed a t-shirt Punjab Kings 11. Kings 11 rock! Press here to get one!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bogus marriages in Dublin. Pakistani marrying Latvian girls

I was appalled to read this type of news. Why? A little bit about myself. I'm Latvian girl from Dublin.

Whose image is ruined?
Firstly, good image of India will be affected & it will give a chance to people to bad-mouth Indians unfairly and to be more suspicious on custom controls... Why they didn't write "Pakistani man" need help?

Secondly, those stupid Latvian girls who wanted easy money will definitely suffer. Thanks to them, now all Latvian girls will have "good name" in Ireland. There are not so many Latvians in Ireland... and many people know nothing about us... Not the best image I would want for Latvia.

Read here full article €10,000 bogus marriage offer for Latvian girls by Jim Cusack from Irish Independent.

"POOR, young Latvian women are being lured to Ireland with promises of up to €10,000 to "marry" illegal immigrants here, men mainly from Pakistan, most of whom are believed to have wives back in their home countries.
Adverts have been placed in Latvia and, it is believed other Baltic states, seeking women to come to Ireland to marry illegal immigrants over the past two years.
One advert in Latvia stated: "Young unmarried women wanted. Women who would agree to help Indian guys in Dublin with registering marriage on paper (fictitious marriage, popular in Dublin nowadays).
"Everything will be covered, plus you get €1,000, plus room rent covered, plus work offered, plus pocket money, plus course (professional, language) plus other benefits. Also plane ticket costs will be covered. All this is legal!."
Although the advert claimed that "Indian" men were involved, investigations into such marriages by the Garda National Bureau of Investigation (GNIB) found that those involved are all from Pakistan.
A journalist from Latvian newspaper Diena who posed as a possible bride, replied by email to the advert and received a reply stating: "When arriving in Ireland this marriage is not registered right away but only after 3-6 months not earlier, because in Ireland all 'paper formalities' take very long time and after you have submitted an application you must wait for another 3-6 months until that marriage.
"A fictitious marriage is registered, it is a marriage on paper. With this the Indian guy may stay in the territory of Ireland legally because he has registered his marriage with EU citizen. This allows him to stay in Ireland permanently.
"It does not cost anything for the person who is helping, also stamps are not put in passports any more, passport stays clean. Then this marriage is registered in local Irish computer, not in Latvian register. Marriage agreement/ contract is signed and cancelled after a year. No obligations from both sides. This is just a formality. And it is legal process. At present it is a rather popular thing in Ireland (also in other countries eg England, Switzerland and others." the reply said.
"Living conditions are the following -- living in apartments that are shared with other workers. Salary is around €1,500 to €2,000 per month, besides all money stays in your pocket as you do not have to pay for anything (unlike other workers who spend about half of their salary on room, rent, transport etc)," the replying email stated. Last year GNIB found that 500 of 3,000 applications by non-Irish married couples to live here were from failed asylum seekers and that a significant number of others involved arranged marriages with young women from the Baltic states who had replied to the adverts. Gardai also found that 400 of the applications to reside in Ireland based on marriage to an EU citizen were from Pakistanis.
The Department of Justice's Immigration department last year refused 279 of these applicants leave to remain here despite their claims of rights of residence because of marriage to an EU citizen. Immigration "rights" groups last year criticised the Department's decision to refuse leave to some of these men to remain here.
The Latvian authorities are apparently amazed at Ireland's lax controls over arranged or bogus marriages.
Last month, Latvian police said that they have been informed by the garda that such "marriages" are "not a crime" in Ireland.
The Head of the State Police Organised Crime Enforcement Department, Arturs Vaisla, told the Diena newspaper: "There are countries that treat such cases irresponsibly. If it had happened here we could have put them in prison."

Monday, May 12, 2008

Sikh bloggers on web

When I started my blog, I did know nothing how to blog. I googled "sikh blogs" and here you can see my friends Sikhi bloggers. We all write about different aspects of life..someone blogs about religion, politics, culture, art ... I'm sure you will find something for your taste.

  1. My first encounter was Finding a wife blog by Harry Singh. Read's worth your time. Blog by a Sikh guy, sharing his experiences as a Turban wearing young man in the United States, looking to get married. A witty, sometimes shallow, but mostly honest tale in which the author of the blog, tries to bring forth the dilemna faced by the Keshdhari young sikh men in contemporary times. The author starts debates related to the "Only Clean Shaven Men Required" - which are arguably well countered in the comments section of the blog, by its mostly women readers!
  2. Personal blog by Harsimrat Kaur from United Kingdom.
  3. Thoughts, quotes by sikh desirous to learn.
  4. Reflection on life and Sikhi by 5 different contributors.
  5. A blog about Sikhi in eyes of westerner who adopted the Sikh faith over 4 years ago.
  6. drawings by Akali Singh.
  7. Who are Sikh- blog by Navjeet from Chandigarh, India whose objective is to educate online readers about Sikhism and who Sikhs are?
  8. PLUS MY OTHER BLOG - GORA SIKH -Blog about people who became or becoming sikhs by choice, about exploration of sikh culture & sikh soul, about mixed marriage & anything else you want. Inspirational stories, photos, videos & many more.

If you have created a blog or know of someone else who has Sikhi blog, feel free to add to my list. Leave few sentences about the the blog. Do you know someone?

Drawing by Akali Singh - Do you want to adopt Rabbit Singh doll?

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Amritsar - Home to the Golden Temple, Punjab, India

Amritsar - Home to the Golden Temple, Punjab, India

Here you can find 2 articles on things to do in Amritsar. First one is my travel notes and second is by Amritsar Travel

1. Travelling to Amritsar, Punjab first time? Read here about my favourite places in Amritsar and things to do in the Holy City. Visit

2. Amritsar, home to the Golden Temple is one of the most ancient and fascinating cities of India. It is now a gateway to North India with Amritsar Flights from Birmingham and London on Jet Airways Flights, Turkmenistan Flights and Air India.

It is an important seat of Sikh history and culture. Being the gateway for travellers coming to India on the overland route from central Asia it soon became the centre of various commercial activities. There are various historical and religious sites - see Amritsar City Map. The most famous of them all in the Golden Temple which was founded by the fourth Guru of Sikhs, Guru Ramdas and completed by his successor Guru Arjan Dev.

Jallian Wala Bagh-
Amritsar Massacre: This place noted for its most notorious massacre under British rule. It is 400 meters north of the Golden Temple. The British General Dyer was the Lieutenant Governor of the province in 1919. He banned all meetings and demonstrations led by Indians against the economical set back by World War I. On 13 April 1919, pilgrims poured into Amritsar to celebrate the Baisakhi festival, a holiday in the Sikh calendar. In the afternoon thousands of people gathered at Jallian Wala Bagh to celebrate the Baisakhi. This ground surrounded by high walls on all sides has only a narrow alley for access. General Dyer personally led the troops to the sight and ordered his men to open fire without any warning. It resulted in the death of 379 and injured more than 1200. India was outraged by Dyer´s massacre. Gandhiji, called for a nation wide strike and started the Non-cooperation Movement, which became an important mile stone in the struggle for India´s Independence. Today this ground has been changed to a park and it has a pleasant garden. There is a narrow path between the houses which leads to the lawn of the park. At the entrance there is a memorial plaque which recounts the history. There is a well on the north side in which many people who tried to escape from the bullets were drowned, and remnants of walls have been preserved to show the bullet holes. At the east end of the garden there is a large memorial built in memory of those who died here.

Ram Bagh
This beautiful garden is named as a tribute to Guru Ram Das, the founder of the city. It is situated in the new part of town and has a museum in the summer palace built by the Sikh Maharaja Ranjit Singh (1780-1839) the Lion of Punjab. The museum contains weapons dating back to Mughal times and some portraits of the ruling houses of the Punjab and a replica of the diamond ´Kohinoor´. To commemorate the memory of his valour Ram Bagh has a lively statue of Maharaja Ranjit Singh saddled on a horse. It is closed on Wednesdays.

Summer place of Maharaja Ranjit Singh : Is situated in the middle of a beautiful garden called Ram bagh. This garden is laid out on the pattern of Shalimar Bagh at Lahore. Only its architecturally unique ´darshani deorhi´ has remained intact. A museum after the name of the Maharaja is set up here displaying oil paintings, miniatures, coins, abd weapons relating to the Sikh period.

Other Tourist Attractions

Mosque at Fatehabad : Situated at a distance of 40 kms, the walls of this mosque are decorated with beautiful floral motifs.

Khalsa College & Guru Nanak Dev University : Khalsa College was founded in 1892 and built on grand scale in typical Sikh architecture, its distinguished alumni; sportsmen, servicemen, administrators, professionals, fill up India´s compilations of Who´s Who. On a part of its land a new University called Guru Nanak Dev University was established. Soon it has become distinguished for starting modern curricula and has etched its name on the sports map of India.

Tarn Taran : 24 kilometres south, is Tarn-Taran-a town founded by Sri Guru Arjan Dev in 1590. The Gurdwara got constructed by the Guru stands on the side of a large tank. Fairs are held here on every ´Amavas´ dark night of the month, birth anniversaries of the Gurus, Baisakhi and Diwali.

Goindwal : A few kilometers away from Tarn Taran is the town of Goindwal, where Guru Amar Das established a new centre for preaching Sikhism. A ´Baoli´, well paved with 84 steps was constructed here. The devout believe that by reciting Japji Sahib, the divine ´Word´ revealed to Guru Nanak Dev Ji at each step after taking a bath in the Baoli provides ´Moksh´, liberation from 84,000 cycles of life of this world.

Khadur Sahib : Khadur Sahib is 32 kms. south-east of the city and close to Goindwal. During the life of the second Sikh Prophet, Guru Angad Dev, it was the centre of Sikhism.

Ram Tirath : 16 Kilometres west on Choganwan road is Ram Tirath, commemorating Maharishi Balmik Ji´s heritage.

A big fair now recognised nationally and lasting for four days is held here since times immemorial on every Kartika Puran-mashi (full moon night in November).

Harike Wetland : The lake formed at the point of confluence of rivers Beas and Sutlej at Harika ford, situated mid way between Amritsar and Ferozepur was declared a national wildlife sanctuary in 1982. It is a welcome winter home to about 350 odd species of birds from far flung lands of China, Siberia, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Baba Bakala : Situated about 45 kilometers east on the Batala road. Sri Guru Tegh Bahadurji, revealed himself to Makhan Shah Labana, a Sikh devotee here. It has a magnificent Gurdwara where people gather in thousands on every amavas (moonless night) and an annual fair is held on Raksha Bandhan day (night of full moon in August) when about one hundred thousand people visit the place.

Dera Baba Jaimal Singh : About 54 kilometres east is Dera Baba Jaimal Singh, the Radhaswami, self-sufficient colony near Beas. It is presided over by a living Master.

Durgiana Temple
Durgiana Temple : Situated outside the Lohgarh Gate it is built after the design of the Golden Temple and attracts sages and scholars in Hindu scriptures from all over India.

Wagha Border : The international border between India and Pakistan. The pomp and pageantry of the Beating Retreat and the Change of Guard within handshaking distance of the Indian and Pakistani forces makes for a most charming spectacle.

There are a number of cotton, woollen and art silk textile factories besides other industries dealing with electric goods, sewing machines, auto parts, carpets. The milk processing plant at Verka about 6 kms from the center is the second biggest project of its kind in the country. Amritsar is India´s leading exporter of goods to the Middle-East, leading distribution centre of dry fruits, tea and condiments. It is also a shopper´s paradise and a gourmet´s delight. Amritsar is the world´s leading centre of Punjabi publications.

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