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Monday, April 28, 2008

Britain's got talent - Suleman Mirza and dancing Sikh

Britain has got talent - Suleman Mirza and dancing Sikh.

You have to see it! Britain's got talent. For those who don't know its a talent programme for anyone who can perform and entertain. This time its a mixture of Michael Jackson and bhangra. I love it! It made my day!

They are incredible duo! This act rocks! They crowd definitely loved it! Hilarious! Brilliant!
All judges liked it!

I hope they will surpise us more in next round! The guy who dances as Michael Jackson is Suleman Mirza. His You Tube page is but who is this another guy? Does anyone know him?


Anonymous said...

His name is Madhu Singh.

Niche Video Builder said...

The best michael jackson dance tribute in the world just got his very own you tube channel, 35th most watched video in the UK! good luck to him on britains got talent 2008 and if be is not the winner he will be in the live final! NVB

Anonymous said...

Just fabulous!
By the way, anybody know which version remix they used of Billie Jean?

Anonymous said...

nachna onda ni by tigerstyle is the track

A-SED said...

they are great Suleman Mirza and Madhu Singh

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