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Sunday, April 20, 2008

India gate in Vancouver, Canada

India gate in Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver is planning to have their own India Gate. The reason behind building this gate is to celebrate more than 100 years of Indo-Canadians in this country.The gate will be built in the city's Punjabi Market at 50th Avenue & Main Street at a price of 3 million dollars.The Punjabi Market or you can call it Little India is famous for Indian sweets and merchandise shops.
It is a very big tourist attraction in Vancouver, like Chinatown in Downtown Vancouver. With over 160,000 South Asians, mostly Sikh Punjabi Indians, Little India caters to all these people, and more.
Personally I love the architecture and I think this design represents more Sikh culture and architecture and they (whoever chose the name) should choose different name for this gate. Look at the picture! Gumbad (dome) is the main crowning feature (usually you can see it on gurdwaras). Even if they don't change the name it will still symbolize Sikh community.


J@G()E$H said...

hey thanks for the comment...any idea what should i change about it

Reemas said...

Wow - Isnt it great! What a feel


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