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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Who is your legend? Who is the most influential / inspiring Sikh?

Little did I know that it will be so hard to get answers for these simple questions. Being a white sikh (you can call me gora), I'm learning Sikhi not the usual way but with the help of husband, Internet, online newspapers and etc. What should I do is to start reading Punjab history books and I will....

Did you hear about Sonny Caberwal from Kenneth Cole ad? Click here to read more about him. I've read so many good comments about him- NEW FACE OF SIKHS. Many young people are inspired by his success. He is like the coolest sikh guy in USA.

That day I was thinking who are those people who inspire Sikhs/Punjabis? Who are those Sikh legends? So to get some answers for my questions I decided to run poll on Sikhpal and Sikhphilosophy sites plus ask my friends.
Please explain 'Sikh' in 5 words!
Who is the most influential Sikh from the past and present?
Most inspiring Sikh literature you ever read?
Most inspiring Sikh woman/man?
Most inspiring Sikh poet/artist?
Most famous Sikh actor/actress?
Most famous Sikh comedian?
Most famous Sikh political person?
Your hero?
Comment by Gurdeep Singh
Most famous Sikh political person?
Sardar Manmohan Singh - Prime Minister of India.He has changed the economic shape of India.
Comment by Gurdeep
Famous sikh actor:- Sidhu
Famous comedian:- Jaspal Bhatti & Pratabh Faujdhar(laughter challenge)
Famous sikh politician:- Dr. manmohan singh
Comment by Anju Kaur
Please explain 'Sikh' in 5 words: hardworking, spiritual, volunteering, compassionate warrior!
[Although The Ten Sikh Gurus would be answer to many of these questions, I’m including only non-Gurus in my reply]
Most inspiring Sikh woman/man? Man- Bhai Kanhaiya; woman: Mai Bhago/ contemporary: Bhagat Puran Singh ji/Bibi Inderjit Kaur
Most inspiring Sikh poet/artist? poet: past-Bhai Vir Singh; present- Surjit Patar/ artist: past: Sobha Singh/ present artist: “ The Singh Twins”: Amrit and Rabindra Kaur Singh
Most famous Sikh comedian? Gurpreet GhuggiMost famous Sikh political person? Past- Banda Bahadur; present-Manmohan Singh
Comment by Jarnail Singh
Sikh-who am i to explain sikh? guru ji has already explained. you can search shabad "gur satgur ka jo sikh akhaye." you can search bhai gurdas jis vaaran also. "rahini rahe soyi sikh mera.." and all that. To get most of the answer you can repeat "ardaas". sikhs recites name of their heroes everyday in their ardaas. i am not able to add any other name into it. True sikh can not be a good politician as per todays standard politics.
Comments by Shivinder Singh
Who is the most influential Sikh from the past? All 10 Gurus & warriors
Who is the most influential Sikh from the present? Khushwant Singh / Manmohan Singh
Most inspiring Sikh woman? Mata Gujri
Most inspiring Sikh man?Guru Gobind Singh
Most inspiring Sikh book you ever read?Guru Granth Sahib
Most inspiring Sikh poet? Guru Nanak
Most famous Sikh actor/actress?Dharmendra Singh Deol
Most famous Sikh comedian?Bhagwant Mann
Most famous Sikh political person? Maharaja Ranjit Singh
Your hero? Baba Deep Singh
Who is the most influential Sikh figure in world/Punjab history? All 10 Gurus & warriors
Who is the” Sikh”? Who always seeks the Truth
So here you can see all answers. Amazing answers. Thanks to all people who participated in my first ever poll on If you reading it, please leave your comment. I need your opinions. I would appreciate if you mention anyone who comes to you mind!

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