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Monday, May 12, 2008

Sikh bloggers on web

When I started my blog, I did know nothing how to blog. I googled "sikh blogs" and here you can see my friends Sikhi bloggers. We all write about different aspects of life..someone blogs about religion, politics, culture, art ... I'm sure you will find something for your taste.

  1. My first encounter was Finding a wife blog by Harry Singh. Read's worth your time. Blog by a Sikh guy, sharing his experiences as a Turban wearing young man in the United States, looking to get married. A witty, sometimes shallow, but mostly honest tale in which the author of the blog, tries to bring forth the dilemna faced by the Keshdhari young sikh men in contemporary times. The author starts debates related to the "Only Clean Shaven Men Required" - which are arguably well countered in the comments section of the blog, by its mostly women readers!
  2. Personal blog by Harsimrat Kaur from United Kingdom.
  3. Thoughts, quotes by sikh desirous to learn.
  4. Reflection on life and Sikhi by 5 different contributors.
  5. A blog about Sikhi in eyes of westerner who adopted the Sikh faith over 4 years ago.
  6. drawings by Akali Singh.
  7. Who are Sikh- blog by Navjeet from Chandigarh, India whose objective is to educate online readers about Sikhism and who Sikhs are?
  8. PLUS MY OTHER BLOG - GORA SIKH -Blog about people who became or becoming sikhs by choice, about exploration of sikh culture & sikh soul, about mixed marriage & anything else you want. Inspirational stories, photos, videos & many more.

If you have created a blog or know of someone else who has Sikhi blog, feel free to add to my list. Leave few sentences about the the blog. Do you know someone?

Drawing by Akali Singh - Do you want to adopt Rabbit Singh doll?


hartej said...

zNice collection of blogs !
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Jasmeet Singh said...

Very nice blogs and thnaks for it.

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