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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Where you can buy sikh gifts?

Have you ever wondered where you can buy Sikh gift for brother, father, mother or friend? Here is a selection of shops available online: offers great variety of Sikh gifts: posters, paintings, books in Punjabi and English, multimedia, khanda pendant badge or khanda credit card holder, cooking books, may be you want harmonium or sitar.

Pick of today is DHOL for 160£

As well you can check out Desi Legend Shop for sikh t-shirts like "Singh is King" or "Deg teg fateh", jatt tees or sweatshirts with your name.

Desi Legend shop provides a wide range desi t-shirts, sikh t-shirts, khalsa t-shirts, punjabi t-shirts, khanda tees, desi lion stickers, jatt surnames clothing, indian apparel,sikh & punjabi names t-shirts!
Pick of today is classical khanda sticker

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