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Monday, February 18, 2008

White Sikhs

Have you ever seen them? Interacted with them?
The more I reseached, the more interesting this topic became.
White Sikhs !?! Someone finds it amazing, someone doesn't realise they exist.
Have you ever seen white sikh and what is your view?
There are some white sikhs in America, Europe and Asia. How many? I would not be able to answer but I would like to know.

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White Sikhs - they follow sikhism more a lot of punjabis living abroad, they speak Punjabi fluently and can read Gurmukhi and Guru Granth Sahib and some of them are fully amrit dari. Although Sikhism does not have missionaries and it does not actively seek converts, people are eager to know more about Sikhism.

"Sikhism is a way of life, a universal faith without prejudice towards others, as you've shown with this video. People of all races, cultures can practice this wonderful faith. It doesn't preach, but offers insight into how to live a good life, to be respectful towards others, while leaving open interpretation of our universal creator."- you tube comment about this video.

Sikhism is the most youngest religion in the world and it's not well known in Europe and other parts of the world. More and more people discovering Sikhism in the 21st century.
Does it make you proud that someone chooses/embraces your religion?

If you are interested in this topic you might want to read about about Gurumustuk Singh who runs blog and


Jasleen said...

waheguru ji ka khalsa, waheguru ji ki fateh!

it's great to see a positive post about white sikhs from a punjabi! :) thanks for posting it, we need all the exposure we can get!


jasleen kaur

Dana & Co. said...

Thanks Jasleen.I'm very happy you enjoyed the blog. If you are interested in topic "white sikhs/ gora sikhs" there is a new website I created

You are welcome there!


Tazeen Javed said...


aman said...

Waheguru G Ka Khalsa Waheguru G Ki Fateh g...
Sikhi's Very Great Bcoz Sikh Guru's Very Big & Great...

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