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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sikh movie “Ocean of Pearls” in Hollywood by Sarab Neelam

Sikh movie “Ocean of Pearls” in Hollywood by Sarab Neelam

If you want to see new sikh movie, you are welcome to Miami International Film Festival in March 2008. This year a sikh movie “Ocean of Pearls” directed by Sarab Neelam will be shown March 2nd,5th and 7 th.

The plot of the movie:
AMRIT SINGH has always felt an outsider despite being born in North America. The turban on his head is a constant reminder to him that he's different. After enduring a childhood plagued by racism, Amrit moves to Detroit for a prestigious job as a transplant surgeon and a fresh start. All Amrit's ever wanted was acceptance and he'll do anything to get it. He immerses himself in work and before long, he's searching for happiness in all the wrong ways. Making money starts to take precedence over caring for his patients. Any time not working is spent with SUSAN CLARK, a beautiful hospital administrator.

But, Amrit's world crashes in on him when he feels responsible for the death of his favorite patient. He's forced to look himself in the mirror and is horrified at what he's become. Having hit rock bottom, Amrit agrees to volunteer at a Sikh camp for children at the advice of his father. There, Amrit finally opens himself up to his Sikh heritage. The teachings he's ignored his whole life now ring true to him.

Amrit returns to the hospital and immediately finds his new outlook tested. His patient desperately needs a liver transplant but the superiors don't want him to perform the costly procedure. Showing the resolve he never knew he had, Amrit sacrifices his promising career to perform the surgery; his first step on the path to true happiness and inner peace.

Sarab Neelam - Producer's Notes
“As a practicing Sikh living in the United States, I have undertaken this effort to reach out broadly to various communities after the events of 9/11. This tragedy has led to hate crimes - especially against Sikhs. It is extremely important to note, however, that this film and its characters are fictitious, though loosely based on my own experiences and observations. This film is not intended to be a definitive depiction of Sikhs or Sikhism. It is one characters journey to find inner peace.”

Director's Notes
I feel truly lucky to have been part of "Ocean of Pearls" as there has never been a lead character from Hollywood as a Sikh. I also recently learned that there is not a single Sikh director in the world that wears a turban. I feel blessed and thankful to have had this opportunity.


Anonymous said...

it's a great movie, must watch

Tina Heaton said...

OCEAN OF PEARLS is having its theatrical release! Detroit - August 7; San Francisco - August 21; Chicago - September 4.

JR's Thumbprints said...

This is a great movie! It's too bad it's not getting major distribution. The health care issues in this movie along with the Sikh culture make this movie worthwhile. In fact, I'd go see it again.

JR's Thumbprints said...

This is an excellent movie. I loved the health care issues as well as the Sikh culture part of the movie. I'd see it again.

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