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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Truth about myself

Dear Readers,

I have decided to tell a little bit more about myself... some people prefer not to be very personal in their "personal" blogs but for me it's quite hard. People who read this blog might think that i'm Sikh from the birth but I'm not...I'm a simple girl from Latvia (how is your geography?). I have discovered Sikhi with the help of my gorgeous Punjabi husband and his family.

I feel that this blog can't metamorphose into good blog without being honest and truthful to itself.

I want to believe that my dear readers will support me and will give me a chance.
I have created this blog to express myself, explore new things in Sikhi and Sikh culture.I feel that I'm a Sikh and I need to know more....

I hope you will enjoy this blog...

Yours truly,

Danka Singh

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Anonymous said...

One of the nicest Sikh/Desi blog on net by probably the 1st Latvian Sikh :-)
Keep up the good Work Danka & Best of luck.

TechPen said...

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