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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New sikh blog -

World Wide Web is great. Before it was books but know it's Internet. You can find so many exciting people and facts. Here I present you a new exciting Sikh blog - Who Are Sikh Blog.

Sandhu Singh Navjeet is a student and writing is his passion. He is a proud Sikh and he created this blog to I started the blog to tell people Sikhi.

I keep on telling people who come in my contact about my religion, I like telling them the unmatched history and greatness of Sikhism so I thought why not to use my writing skills for spreading my religion, for education people about it. My this desire grew stronger as I started talking about it with my online friends, who showed great curiosity to know Sikhism. So I took this as my objective to spread Sikhism. The foremost work I have taken up is regarding the successful and famous Sikh of the present world, to make them more famous so that our fellow Sikh friends could have some 'Sikh Icons' whom they may consider as their 'stars' or 'heroes' and could follow them.

His blog is very young but it already caught my attention providing exciting articles about Sikh Icons like Manmohan Singh, video message from Rabbi Shergill (I love his song Bulla Ki Janna) and article about Father of Optical Fibres -Dr. Narinder Singh Kapany.

I would like to wish all the best to Navjeet and please give us more exciting articles about Sikhs. Looking forward!

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